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Innovations in

Congenital Heart Disease

Innovations in Congenital Cardiology

Course description

This 1st of a series of meetings about patients with congenital heart disease focuses on heart failure .

New insights in the mechanisms of the failing heart (-chambers) in congenital heart disease lead to new concepts for therapy. Strategies that were experimental some years ago are currently in clinical everyday use. Other concepts are evolving, and are being developed continuously based on initial data. 

Innovations cordially invites you to participate in this two-day course, highlighting pathophysiology, imaging strategies of heart failure, and different treatment strategies based on the underlying mechanisms of heart failure. Novel concepts for existing problems and existing concepts in novel circumstances show the balancing act necessary for the best treatment of our vulnerable patients. We encourage discussion and participation, especially as not only lectures, but also workshops allow you to deepen your understanding and knowledge of these complex problems.

Innovations aims to join forces of:

Pediatric and Adult Cardiologists, internal medicine, pediatricians, cardiovascular surgeons, nurses, physician assistants, and all health care providers involved in the care of patients with congenital heart disease. We look forward to your participation, register now to secure your seat in Innovations2020!

Your Innovations Team,

Dr. T.B. Krasemann                                                  Dr. Regina Bökenkamp                             Dr. Beatrijs Bartelds

Pediatric Cardiologist                                                                                               Pediatric Cardiologist                                                                        Pediatric Cardiologist       

Erasmus MC - Sophia Kinderziekenhuis                                                                  Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum                                                Erasmus MC - Sophia Kinderziekenhuis

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