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Innovations in Congenital Cardiology“


Thursday 11.6.2020

Program: Heart failure in congenital heart disease 

 Welcome Address 

  08.00   W. A. Helbing

Basic principles of heart failure:

(Chairs: Michiel Dalinghaus - Philip Beerbaum)

 08.10   What is heart failure?  - P. Kaski

 08.40   Cardiomyopathies in crocodiles - B. Jensen

 09.00   Why is a right ventricle not a left ventricle? - B. Bartelds

 09.20   What can we learn from chronic heart failure in GUCH patients?  - J. Cuypers

 09.40   Round Table Discussion: Basic principles of heart failure

 09.50   Coffee Break


Why do we need Imaging:  

(Chairs: Wim Helbing - J Photiadis)

 10.10   Functional echocardiography of heart failure - L. Koopman

 10.25   Speckles and new techniques - A. ten Harkel

 10.40   CT and 3 dimensions - A. Roest

 10.55   MRI and functional assessment of heart failure in CHD - P. Beerbaum

 11.10   Round Table Discussion: Why do we need Imaging


 11.25   Coffee Break

Rhythm and heart failure

(Chairs Janneke Kammeraad - Regina Bokenkamp / Sabine Klaasen)

 11.55   Electrical basis of heart failure - T. Delhaas

 12.10   Novel approaches to neonatal heart failure due to arrhythmias - N. Blom

 12.30   Interventional therapy of GUCH arrhythmias - K. Zeppenfeld

 12.45   Robotic ablation in children - T. Szili-Török

 13.00   Round Table Discussion: Rhythm and heart failure

 13.15   Lunch Break

 14.15 - 15.45 Workshops:

 Create your own segmented CT (B. Rebel)

 Resynchronise a heart (T. Szili-Török)

 Virtual heart failure treatment (B. Bartelds)

 Anatomical considerations (M. Jungbloed & R. Bokenkamp)


 15.45   Coffee Break

 Pro- contra: Double discordance – is the double switch always indicated?

 ( Chairs: Regina Bokenkamp - N Haas)

 16.00  Pro: M. Hazekamp        Con: T. Krasemann

 18.30  Meet & Eat - Restaurant Bazar, Witte de Withstraat 16, Rotterdam 

Friday 12.6.2020



 08.00 The engineer’s view (University Delft) - N.N.


Medical treatment

 (Chairs: Beatrijs Bartelds -  Marc Gewillig)

 08.30   Personal heart failure - personalized treatment - Dr. P. Kaski

 08.50   Old concepts?  Pre- and afterload in peri-operative patients - R.J. Houmes

 09.10   Gene-therapy? Dream come true? - S. Klaassen

 09.30   Round Table Discussion: Medical Treatment

 09.40   Coffee Break

 Interventional Treatment

 (Chairs: Pieter van de Woestijne - Dietmar Schranz)


 10.00   Interventional treatment of heart failure in congenital heart disease - N. Haas

 10.20   Interventional prevention of heart failure in congenital heart disease - M. Gewillig

 10.40   Can you calculate your success? - P. Liuba

 11.00   Round Table Discussion: Interventional Treatment


 Surgical Treatment: 

 (Chairs: Thomas Krasemann - P Liuba)

 11.15   Pulmonary artery banding for treatment of cardiomyopathies - D. Schranz

 11.25   Is a new heart the answer? - 20 years of heart transplantation in "The Netherlands" -  M. Dalinghaus

 11.45   If surgery fails acutely- ECMO and beyond - J. Photiadis

 12.05   If surgery fails chronically – assist devices in GUCH patients - M. Hazekamp

 12.25   Round Table Discussion: Surgical Treatment

 Pro- contra: 3D prints are useful for therapeutical planning

 (Chairs: Bas Rebel - Mark Hazekamp)


 12.35   Pro: J. Photiadis      Con: P. van de Woestijne

 13.00   Lunch Break


 14.00 - 15.30 Workshops:

Create your own segmented CT (B. Rebel)

Resynchronise a heart (T. Szili-Török)

Virtual heart failure treatment (B. Bartelds)

Anatomical considerations (M. Jungbloed & R. Bokenkamp)

 Closing remarks  

  15.45  B. Bartelds, R. Bokenkamp, T. Krasemann






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